Set the Juicebox Logo of the dao.jbx.eth ENS account

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Author: wraeth
Date: 2023-03-01


Set the official Juicebox Logo as the logo of the dao.jbx.eth ENS.

Background (JBM) has recently released a feature that prominently displays Ethereum Naming Service (ENS) icons on its site. As dao.jbx.eth is the primary ENS for the Juicebox project, I believe that it would be beneficial to use the official Juicebox logo for this ENS. Not only would this increase the trust of the official Juicebox transactions, but it would also improve the user experience on the site. Additionally, it would encourage other users to interact and use their own custom ENS icons, and eventually profile icons (a future JBM feature).


I propose that the logo of dao.jbx.eth be updated to the official Juicebox logo. This will require updating the image associated with the ENS domain. The new logo will be more recognizable and will help to increase the visibility of the Juicebox project.

This proposal states that the multisig will upload the new logo before the end of April (before May 1st), otherwise the proposal expries and a new proposal will be required for submission.


Logo image


  • Increased trust in the visual elements of the ENS
  • Improved user experience on the Juicebox site
  • Encourages users to interact and use custom ENS icons
  • Increases visibility of the Juicebox project


By updating the logo of dao.jbx.eth to the official Juicebox logo, we will be able to improve the user experience and increase the visibility of the Juicebox project.