Juicebox Sponsorship at NFT Brasil - An Affordable Opportunity to Maximize Impact and Engage with NFT Creators and Artist Collectives (DRAFT)

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The proposal aims to sponsor the NFT Brasil event, showcasing Juicebox, and connecting with the Web3 community. The event will take place from June 2nd to 4th at Bienal, an iconic art space in Brazil. With a diverse audience, including creators, gamers, artists, developers, investors, academics, and enthusiasts, this event presents an excellent opportunity to onboard a large number of Brazilians into the NFT and Web3 world.



The primary motivation behind this proposal is to increase Juicebox's visibility and attract more users, projects, and communities to the platform. By sponsoring the event and participating in various activities, we can create more awareness about Juicebox and its offerings.


The proposal includes the Whale sponsorship package, swag materials, Gogo's expenses during the event, and a payout to Gogo for work done before, during, and after the event. The total cost for this proposal is $10,500 plus 1.5M JBX.

Cost Breakdown:

    • Whale Sponsorship Package: $5,000

    • Swag Materials: $3,000

      • The DAO can vote on specific swag items within the next week via Discord.
      • Rough estimates: a. 10K stickers: $1,500 b. Straw hats or shirts: $1,000 c. Pins: $500
    • Gogo's Expenses: $1,500

      • Based on expenses from ETH Rio 2022, where Slice won the Hackathon.
    • Payout to Gogo: $1,000 + 1.5M JBX

      • For the work done before, during, and after the event.


Sponsoring NFT Brasil offers a cost-effective opportunity to raise awareness for Juicebox, engage with potential users, particularly NFT creators and artist collectives, and position ourselves as a key player in the Web3 space. The event's affordability compared to similar events in the US makes it an ideal occasion to maximize our outreach and impact without breaking the bank. By inviting the community to contribute ideas, we can ensure a well-rounded and effective approach that takes full advantage of this cost-effective opportunity.


  1. Potential increase in costs if additional team members are invited to attend.
  2. Sponsorship costs and other expenses might not yield the expected return on investment.


The event is scheduled for June 2nd to 4th. In the weeks leading up to the event, we will finalize the swag materials, prepare the presentation, and coordinate with the DAO for any additional support.

Community Feedback and Surveys

We want to invite the community to add their ideas and suggestions to this proposal, as well as create the best possible survey to gather feedback from the event attendees. By engaging the community in this process, we can optimize our presence at the event and maximize the impact of our efforts.

Temp check failed, this proposal has been cancelled.

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