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Payout$4,000 tofor 1 cycles

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*Pay Sagekellyn.ETH  a one time payout of 4k to produce as much merch as possible to get in the hands of the people! The one time payout of 4K will be to cover cost of production and distribution. The goal is to have a bunch of merch to bring the ETH NYC to handout to people to spread Banny and friends to the world! *



What problem does this solve? Why now?

It's important to get as much merch out into the hands of the people as possible! Be that through hackathons, global ETH events, or just to the people that are currently contributing. Stickers are cheap, small and transport easily, so they are a great way to gorilla market Juicebox. We hope to collaborate with JB hackathons to get merch into the hands of people participating in these events too.

*We need to get as many beautiful stickers, tank tops, funky hats, etc in the hands of anyone who wants one. people should trust me to design these goods and Mieos to help distribute them. Last ETH NYC with the help of ZomBae, Mieos and countless others we were able to hand out hundreds of stickers, ice cream, shirts and introduce a ton of people walking around NYC to Juicebox. We want to do it again! *

I plan to be in NYC for ETH NYC in September and hope to have a bunch of merch printed and ready to hand out to people during the event. I know that merch doesn't directly correlate with project creation but if the JB merch becomes its own identity and brand then it can become a successful project in itself.




How exactly will this be executed? Be specific and leave no ambiguity.

*a one time payout of 4000$ to Sagekellyn.eth to pay for the production and shipping costs of merch. This includes shirts, hats, stickers, socks etc. that will be all free in order to spread more awareness to Juicebox.  Hoping to do a massive run of sticker packs (maybe 7-10 different stickers), a big run of hats (2-3 variations) , and a smaller run of shirts (maybe 60 shirts) since they require more specificity with sizes and harder to ship and more expensive. I will create a form that people can input their info (happy to ship to local post offices/drop boxes so people don't have to give actual address) - We can work this out over the next week to find the best means of distribution. All merch will be on a first come first serve basis with 50% saved to be brought to NYC.  Any left over will be sent out to people as well. *



Why is this specification appropriate?

*We've tried to do merch runs before that always seem to fall short. I think the problem is that we are asking people to pay and it gets complicated with ETH and physical goods. So get rid of the payment part and lets just mass ship merch to people. Not to toot my own horn but we got some killer illustrations out there that deserve to be printed and on peoples computers, water bottles and bodies! *



What might go wrong?

People might not want merch



When exactly should this proposal take effect? When exactly should this proposal end?

GC-55 one time payout